Top 5 Types of Printing Paper For Your Name cards

printing paper for name cards
printing paper for name cards

Giving out name cards at every first business meeting is protocol. So name cards are really the doormats of your company.

While you have an exciting idea for your name card design or you already have it designed, the name card is not complete until it is printed. Of course, printing a name card cannot be on just any paper. There are varying degrees of professionalism and impressions emulated based on the types of paper the name cards are printed on. If you don’t know what type of paper to use or what your namecard printing guy is talking about, this is for you.

Before that, a brief summary of some terms: the acronym “gsm” stands for grams per square meter, so the higher the number of gsm, the thicker and heavier it is. Art card is just the term for the type of card used typically for name cards. For textures, there are two types of coating: glossy and matte lamination. As for printing services, there are digital printing and offset printing. We will touch on that later in another article.

1. Formal and very professional, no-nonsense, please.

You conduct very serious business meetings and propose deals of unthinkable amounts of money. You cannot mess it up, and you don’t mess around. Your name card is black and has hints of gold or silver, adding on to the reality with elaborate and sophisticated designs.

Use the 310gsm art card with matte coating.

This would be just about the right weight for a name card that wants to people to know that it is all about the business, and printing with a matte coating will give it a luxurious and elegant feel.

2. Informal and personal, but business-like

This is a general description for small businesses that deal with walk-in customers and are constantly going out looking for more business contacts. As the owner or employee of this type of business, you do not want to scare away potential clients with a stiff and rigid printed name card.

Use the 280gsm art card with matte lamination.

This card’s weight is good enough for distribution; as such businesses would require a lot of meeting people, and thick enough to be taken seriously. The matte lamination is great if you do not want to be too flamboyant for slightly more serious business deals.

3. The amiable artist

You’re an artist, perhaps a fine art student, or a museum curator. You critique art of all kinds like a food connoisseur on some fine grade steak and you shun narrow-minded fellow artists for being judgmental. You welcome all kinds of ideas and like the socializing at art meets and exhibition.

Use the 280gsm art card with glossy coating.

You don’t want to have to express yourself visually with a flimsy card that could wear out easily. Printing a glossy lamination gives you the shine of Da Vinci’s ‘Starry Sky’.

4. Trust me, I’m an engineer

Well, our buildings and skyscrapers, and every wonderful type of electrical appliances owe their existence to you. You feel that there is no need to have a flamboyancy name card because your job and projects you undertake speak volumes about you. Making and creating objects of convenience is what you do, so a name card that should also conveniently convey the important details is something you prefer.

Use the 260gsm with either matte or glossy coating.

Don’t worry about having to introduce yourself at developers’ meeting or contractors’ meeting. The weight of the paper is perfect because you probably will only bring a few out with you. Any type of coating is suitable for you because you care more about functionality.

5. For the creatives who want to impress

Calling all advertisers and the freelance-anybody in the design industry, you want to make a statement and a lasting impression because only then clients will be confident of what you can do.

Use the 280gsm frosted plastic art card.

This is a great investment for this pretty material. How many printing plastic name cards do you have? This will make an impression that is as durable as the name card. Show your true colors with this, or show off your sleek, minimalist style. This card is versatile which suits your creativity.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your style. If this list has inspired you, let us know! And if you need someone to make your name card dreams come true, contact us here!

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