50 Awesome Business Card Case Studies & What You Can Learn From Them

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You just left an important meeting with some industry big shots.

They really dug the ideas you brought to the table and you’re thinking a promotion could be in order. What do you do? Fumble with your phone to take down their contact information? Ask them to fumble with their phone to take down yours? No. You make one simple, swift exchange — your expertly designed business card.

In this day and age, most people don’t give business cards a second thought. Why take the time to make one when you can just store all your business contacts on your phone?

Well, here are two major reasons why:

Business cards can be a reflection of who you are. Not only can you make an excellent first impression all on your own, but a uniquely designed business card can help seal the deal and give someone something to remember you by.

Time. No matter how QWERTY savvy those little fingers are, putting someone’s name, email, and phone number into a phone takes valuable time neither party has. Hand them over a business card (which takes what, two seconds?) and you’ve given someone a carbon copy of your information they can do whatever they please with.

Now let’s get to some awesome business cards. And if you’re inspired after this post, you can design your own custom business cards with Canva.

01. Clean and Professional

Image Credit: Behance

This card is relatively simple to start, yet shines a light on how attention to detail can really set you apart. The simple front and back looks clean and professional, yet the subtle splatter effect on the logo and edges gives it a textural element that really stands out.

02. Transparency Meets Color

Image Credit: Behance

Things get taken up quite a few notches with this creative card. Transparency paper paired with different colors creates an interesting overlap effect when paired together, and when separate, light shines through to reveal whatever is underneath.

03. Explore the Unconventional

Image Credit: Behance

This is a great example of using an unconventional medium to create visual elements. Since you can’t duplicate every wine ring to look the same, each card has its own personality yet still fits together cohesively.

04. Elegant Shapes

Image Credit: Behance

A simple change in shape can set your card apart from the hundreds of others that use the rectangular format. A square is a simple, elegant shape that provides a great starting point for a business card.

05. Subtle Curves

Image Credit: Behance

If you really like the horizontal rectangular format, you can add in customized edges to stand out. The shape is still simple, but adjusted just enough to give it a softer feel with the subtle curves.

06. Upscale

Image Credit: Behance

Adding extra elements like sleeves can make your cards feel more upscale. The process of taking the card out is reminiscent of opening a gift or a letter, which makes the idea of receiving it much more exciting.

07. A Personal Touch

Image Credit: Behance

Using rubber stamps to place your logo on your card makes it feel much more personal, since you’ve taken the time to stamp each individual one, which shows you have an investment in your company or business.

08. Fun and Informal

Image Credit: Behance

Business cards don’t have to be flat and static. This pop up card shows just how creative you can get. It’s fun and informal, which is a breath of fresh air compared to standard ones.

09. Depth with Symbols

Image Credit: Behance

If bright color isn’t your style, imprinting symbols or logos into your card gives it a lot of depth. Try imprinting something relatable to your business, or choose a pattern that meshes well.

10. Contrasting Colors

Image Credit: Behance

A great way to keep things simple yet interesting is contrast between colors. Indentation was used, but the contrast between the bright green and the natural recycled paper helps keep this card fun, yet grounded.

11. Tricks with Transparency

Image Credit: Dribbble

Here’s another card using transparency, but this one uses blank areas in the ink to allow for see through windows. The type is see through, as well as the logo, so wherever you lay it down that color will shine through and be unique every time.

12. Speak to Who You Are

Image Credit: Dribbble

Utilizing aspects of your profession in your card makes for great visuals. For instance, here a film company uses a clapperboard as their card. A simple graphic, yet it speaks immediately about who they are and what they do.

13. Change the Orientation

Image Credit: Dribbble

Changing the orientation from horizontal to vertical can make your card stand out as well, and adding patterning around the edges can make a simple design more complex.

14. Simple Yet Effective

Image Credit: Dribbble

This card is incredibly simple, but incredibly effective. It uses a die cut to make a simple graphic more interesting. The raised type gives an awesome contrast to the punched out holes.

15. Experiment with Materials

Image Credit: Dribbble

Being unconventional by using different materials can make a huge difference in the feel of your business card. Wood was used, giving it a natural and earthy look, as well as a different feel in your hand.

16. Play with Type

Image Credit: Dribbble

Typography can be used for both information and decoration in the place of graphics. In this card, a couple of graphics are used, but the type is the major player.

17. Typographic Texture

Image Credit: Dribbble

Typography is used in this card as well, but the texture lends so much more than plain printed text. These cards were hand sanded to give them a worn down appearance.

18. Add Graphics

Image Credit: Dribbble

Interchangeable graphics related to your business can be a fun way to add some variety into your cards. They still feel unified, but are more interesting since you could get a variety of different images.

19. Ticket Cut

Image Credit: Dribbble

Here’s what’s called a ticket cut. A simple rectangle with a few notches cut out gives a more interesting appearance than straight edges.

20. Unique Shapes

Image Credit: Dribbble

This card completely scraps the idea of the conventional straight edged card. Unique shapes can be cut out and used in place of rectangles and squares, allowing you to entirely customize your card.

21. Attention to Detail

Image Credit: Dribbble

Rubber stamps are used in this card as well, but translates the rounded corners of the logo into the card itself. The attention to detail makes it look thought out and professional.

22. Create Feeling with Texture

Image Credit: Dribbble

These cards are hand pressed to give a wooden texture to the background. The indentations give a nice feel when you hold the card, and make the white background more interesting.

23. Get Relative

Image Credit: Dribbble

Here is a play on a deck of cards. Relating a business card to something it’s similar to is a fun way to stand out and be remembered.

24. Difference with Diamonds

Image Credit: Dribbble

If you like the square shape but want it to be a bit more interesting, turn it on its end. Diamonds are simple enough to get printed standardly, but different enough to stand out.

25. 3D Effects

Image Credit: Dribbble

The custom shape makes this card unique, but the two shades of teal paired with the shape gives it an almost three-dimensional effect. Different tones in the same color family help make designs more cohesive.

26. Reference your Materials

Image Credit: Dribbble

The transparency of this card makes it stand out, but not as much as the meaning behind it. Photographers look through a lens. Much like you look through this card. Try relating the significance of your materials with your profession as much as possible.

27. Create Curves

Image Credit: Dribbble

Simple and square again, yet with rounded corners this time. This card relates the curves of the logo with the curves of the corners.

28. Create an Illusion

Image Credit: Dribbble

The shape of this card relates well to the profession and acts as a visual element along with the logo, giving it the illusion of a tattoo itself.

29. Hand Stitched Logo

Image Credit: Dribbble

Thinking of creative ways to display your logo without taking up a bunch of space can help keep things simple. Hand stitching the logo on the side like a clothing tag saves space on the card, yet adds an interesting element.

30. Nice and Slim

Image Credit: Dribbble

Shaving off an inch of a standard rectangular card gives you a more elongated shape that looks nice and slim. Bigger isn’t always better, and this is a good example.

31. Design With a Twist

Image Credit: Coolmaterial

Utilizing aspects of your business to create your card makes it feel more authentic and approachable. Here foldable foam is used to create a mini yoga mat for a yoga studio, a fun and witty take on a traditional card.

32. A Fun Experience

Image Credit: Cdn26.printing-cdn

Yoga again, and really fun again. Using interactive cut outs on your card creates a fun experience for the user and helps them remember you.

33. Free Stuff

Image Credit: Toxel

Everyone loves getting free stuff, so why not incorporate that with your card? Here a hairstylist uses bobby pins to make the illusion of hair, and you get to use them.

34. Arrange your Elements

Image Credit: Rethinkcanada

Here’s a great example of using elements of your business as design elements. You immediately recognize it’s about cheese without actually seeing a piece of it, since the die cuts are arranged so familiarly.

35. Go Wild

Image Credit: Brainjet

This card might be a tad too crazy for some, but it brings a whole new meaning to functional. The card is made of metal and actually serves a purpose —grating cheese.

36. Play-on-Visuals

Image Credit: Businesscarddesignideas

Utilizing a sleeve with a peekaboo window can give you a two for one when it comes to the inner design. Here what starts as a cavity becomes the telephone, a cute play on why you’d be visiting a dentist in the first place.

37. Draw Fond Memories

Image Credit: Designbolts

Another play on why you go to the dentist, here an entire mouth is used, reminiscent of the chattering teeth toys we all know so fondly.

38. Quirky and Clever

Image Credit: Designbolts

At first glance, this card isn’t really legible, but after stretching the rubber material you can read the information. A personal trainer making you work before you even schedule an appointment? Clever.

39. Design with Purpose

Image Credit: i0.wp

Taking something two dimensional into three-dimensional is a fun and interactive way to engage whoever you give your card to. Here the switch serves a purpose, which makes it even more effective.

40. Humour and Practicality

Image Credit: Ihaveanidea

Humor and practicality are used in a great way here. Not only does it create a little smile in a stressful situation, but you save on printing cards, why give two when you could just give one?

41. Simple Pop Up

Image Credit: Weburbanist

A more simple pop up is used here, but it still adds a cool dimensionality versus a flat card.

42. Peel Away Stickers

Image Credit: Phaseonebusinessregistration.files.wordpress

Peel away stickers can be used as well to reveal a transition or a new image underneath. It’s interactive and interesting enough to create an impression.

43. Crafty Cut Outs

Image Credit: Pmyk

Here pop ups are used again, but in a much more crafty way. The cuts out are folded back to show different colors underneath. The same pattern is used, but the different colors give each card a different personality.

44. Design for Interaction

Image Credit: Cardrabbit

This card is all about interaction. The card is cut and rolled up, and then you style the ‘hair’ however you want. The overall design is really simple, but the customization puts it over the top.

45. Cool Effects

Image Credit: Payload.cargocollective

While this card doesn’t have as much interaction as the previous, it still has a cool effect. You pull away the die cut bottom and the shape of a comb appears, relating back to the profession.

46. Clarify your Message

Image Credit: S-media-cache-ak0.pinimg

Even less interactive, but just as effective, this card shows what this person can do for you. The message is clear and represented simply, with the indentations adding an extra element.

47. Functional Design

Image Credit: Justsomething

Another metal functional card, this card can be kept and used as a tool on a bicycle. Something as durable and useful as this ensures that whoever has it will see your name again and again as they use it.

48. Think Outside the Box

Image Credit: Cruzine

Using elements of your profession doesn’t have to be as literal as a bike tool. Here it shows a more metaphorical aspect of what they can do for you.

49. Heat Activated

Image Credit: Cardezine

While this card might not be as practical as others, it’s definitely out of the box. Heat activated ink reveals the brand and contact information, giving it a cool, scorched effect.

50. Go Green

Credit: Marvia

Giving your business card a second chance at life is a great way to help reduce the possibility of it getting thrown out. Biodegradable paper seed packets are simple to find and getting them customized is just as easy.


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